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Waist 34"

Inseam 29.5"


This Garment Was Made Using A Worn Pair Of Work Pants And Vintage Curtain Set.

I Repaired Some Small Holes And Blemishes On The Pants, And Reworked The Pocket To My Liking.


I Feel As If I’m In God’s Garden.
Stirring Honey In My Tea.
It Smells Like Rain Memories.
And Life In Many Forms.
Each One Looking At The Other.
Saying, “Hello!”



All Ancient Youth Pieces Are Made Using Recycled Garments And Materials

Each Piece May Show Signs Of Wear Such As

Stains, Small Holes, Fading, etc.

This Makes Each Piece Unique

Thank You For Participating In Sustainable Fashion Practices


fleur. pants

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